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KADESH aka Desiree Jackson


Her name signifies the banner of God's grace and His majesty and with His presence, there is no stopping this talented singer/songwriter/actress!  She personifies resilience in the face of adversity and with her unshakeable faith in God, there are no mountains too high to climb but why climb when she can sing?


Kadesh, a/k/a Desiree Jackson, a native of Queens, NY, was born to sing. She is one of the few singers/psalmists who has never taken a vocal lesson, whose gift is imparted directly from God.  "God gave me the gift to reach people," she explains.  


Kadesh's musical influences vary from a list of phenomenal vocalists that include her mother, (whom she grew up singing with in a local church choir) the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, the incomparable Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, and the late Whitney Houston. To add to those names is none other than Kadesh's musical god-mother and friend, the one and only Patti Labelle. It was during a stunning performance in the hit off-Broadway musical, "Mama I Want to Sing" that the two met and Labelle witnessed what she later described as, "the girl with the voice of a bird." Kadesh soon became Ms. Labelle's protégé and landed a recording contract with Motown Records. The rest, as the saying goes, is history as Kadesh has excelled in every aspect of the entertainment business -- on stage, in film and on television, both as a singer and actress. As she continues her career pursuits, Kadesh a/k/a Desiree and her husband Mark Jackson  (former NBA superstar, Coach of the Golden State Warriors and current commentator for  ESPN) co-pastor at the church they founded in August 2009 True Love Worship Center International, in Reseda, California.  


Kadesh's heart to serve and impact doesn’t stop there.  In addition to her work with the ministry, she has also organized an empowerment program called "Ladies in Destiny," which not only mentors women but also teaches and encourages them to tap into their inner selves by exploring and pursuing the progressive talents that lie dormant and untapped inside them.  Kadesh's newest endeavor is an album with a timely title: Love. The title comes from a desperate call for the return to love and peace in the world. "This album is a message of hope," exclaims Kadesh. "There is so much going on in the world with all the wars and killings. We need more love... then and only then can the world be a better place." 

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