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James M. Robinson, Sr.

The “Jesus Will Say Well Done” CD by James M. Robinson, Sr. Is a traditional yet contemporary jazz blend of gospel excellence. The CD features 10 original songs that have climbed the music charts in the United States and also internationally. The song “All Things Work Together” has appeared nine times on the iTunes Netherlands Christian gospel genre peaking at number one. This CD is also on CD Baby’s top 10 gospel music chart. Pandora Internet radio features two songs from this dynamic CD “Because You First Loved Me” and ”Jesus Will Say Well Done.”   ”Jesus Will Say Well Done” has appeared six times on one nation radio and the song “John 316″ has topped that Inspirational Pop charts at number one the song ”Jesus Will Say Well Done” reached number two and the song “One Day I’m Going Home” reached number five on the radio active Southern Gospel top 100. Earned the cover of the October issue of The Gospel USA Magazine and a 2015 Rhythm Of Gospel nomine.


This CD is the outcome of prayers, dedication and a brilliant collaboration with Curtis Harman, a founding member of the legendary jazz group Pieces Of A Dream, this being a duet project Rev. Robinson relied on the expertise of Curtis Harman and his team of accomplished musicians and studio sound experts to produce, record and mix the entire project. Rev. Robinson, pastor of the Community Baptist Church, North Plainfield, New Jersey known for his preaching and singing of traditional and contemporary gospel songs also desired to write and perform his own music.


In early 2008, Rev. James M. Robinson, Sr. began writing anointed songs that moved and inspired him and he realized that the time had come to bring the songs to life. Three years later the music for ”Jesus Will Say Well Done” was born. He is often asked why do you put so much effort and energy into your preaching and music ministry and his reply is always the same, Well Done, so Jesus Christ’s would one day say Well Done.

You will find this CD to be God’s music done well and Rev. Robinson’s prayer is that Jesus is proud.

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Paradise - James M. Robinson, Sr.
Jesus Will Say Well Done - James M. Robinson, Sr.
Because You First Loved Me - James M. Robinson, Sr.
All Things Work Together - James M. Robinson, Sr.
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