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Kevin Levar & One Sound

Every once-in-a-while someone comes along to redefine contemporary worship.  Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Israel Houghton, and Kirk Franklin are just a few who have been inspirational in ushering in a new genre of worship styles.


Add to this list, Kevin LeVar! Kevin shatters the confines of preconception, with a worship style that bridges the gap of contemporaries, and unites the spectrum of worship seamlessly into one sound.  His songs demonstrate a rare combination of worship, anointing and musical genius that has gained him fans from musicians and artists, in and outside of the gospel world.


For those who experienced Kevin’s freshman CD, “Let’s Come Together”, there were several songs that were breakthrough hits, notably “A Heart That Forgives” that to date has over 1.5 million you tube hits. The overwhelming response to the song was the launching pad for the Forgive and Live campaign which seeks to inspire one million acts of forgiveness. It also initiated a partnership between LeVar and Dr. Michael Barry with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and they began hosting free events to address the healing power of forgiveness. It seemed that it couldn’t get any better and then this, Kevin’s new CD “Destiny! Live at the Dream Center and More” takes you to another level.


The Dream Center at Angeles Temple led by Matthew Barnett was the perfect backdrop for this project.  At second glance it was apparent that there was no single demographic claiming allegiance to this event as young and old alike from all denominations and creeds; together with eager anticipation packed out the Dream Center. The unique ministry of Kevin LeVar, like that of the Dream Center, seeks to revolutionize the way the body of Christ reaches the unchurched. The priority is to impact the world with an unconventional approach infusing them with new-life.


The music from Destiny! Live at the Dream Center features songs of faith, hope and love that span a wide range of musical styles that include praise and worship, contemporary, old school R&B, light rock, big band, blues and country music, forming a cohesive work of art.


The album’s first single, “Your Destiny” sets the stage for the remaining songs on the CD. Produced by acclaimed songwriter and producer, Harmony Samuels (Jennifer Lopez, Fantasia, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Ne-Yo), the song speaks to the importance of resisting the temptation to take shortcuts that could potentially cost you your destiny. When asked about producing the song Harmony says, “Kevin’s song “Your Destiny” is life changing and speaks the heart of God”.


There are 14 additional tracks including a reintroduction of “A Heart That Forgives”. “Ready, Set, Go,”a rock-style song that LeVar says is one of his favorites, assures listeners that they already have what they need to do what God wants them to do, and admonishes them not to wait…just do it. The final song on the album, “Born to Be Great,” is an anthem for dreamers, declaring no matter what you have gone through in your past, you can still achieve your dreams.


Even more impactful is that the background vocalists for this track are former drug addicts, gang members, prostitutes, etc. whose lives have been turned around by the effective ministry of the Dream Center. Kevin says “I believe this Destiny CD is going to catapult people into purpose. Young and old, rich and poor regardless of ethnicity, there is a song on this record that will speak to you.”


It’s hard to imagine what worship will truly be like in Heaven.  But one thing is for sure; on the night of this recording a little piece of Heaven touched a little piece of Earth at a place called the Dream Center.  And, at that intersection, prayers were answered and a chord struck that resonated through the person we’ve come to know as Kevin LeVar.



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