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The Showers family group

“Our goal is to reach the un-churched, keep believers of Christ revived, and encourage family unity”- The Showers


In every genre of music people look for the newest and next voice(s), the artists who will carry the genre’s legacy. The Showers have emerged as those next voices and are primed to carry on Gospel music’s legacy of dynamic family groups. They are resolute in their commitment to present a standard of excellence in music and ministry.  Regina, Tabitha, Titus, Melody, Angela, Ciara, and Tiffany are a group of siblings from Hammond, Louisiana that have been groomed in church ministry and are poised to carry the torch of Gospel music greats. The Showers are dedicated to making sure that the Gospel is shared and they are passionate about serving as examples of what a Godly life resembles. Collaborating with respected producers and songwriters including Bruce Robinson, Jr., Deon Kipping and Myron Butler, The Showers have created an album – their self-titled national debut - that resonates with a vast audience.


Recording on their own A&P Records, The Showers exemplify how the power of family, ministry and entrepreneurship can work together for Kingdom business. The Showers have created a body of music that speaks to every type of believer in Christ. They pride themselves in also creating music that is able to touch the un-churched and compel those who are not deemed “believers” to want to know more about the Christian faith. With a style that is soulful and contemporary, while remaining steeped in the traditional Gospel sound, The Showers are poised to reach and minister to a myriad of people.


The Showers have made wonderful strides in their musical journey. In their early days they were a part of The National Baptist Convention of America and they have had the privilege of appearing on influential television and appearance platforms including Bobby Jones Gospel, Gospel Goes to Hollywood Pre-Oscar Event, I Hear Music in the Air Concert, The Word Network and The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. In 2013, their debut single “Praise Your Way Through” made it to Top 30 on the Mediabase Gospel Songs Chart with an accumulative listening audience of over 1 million and was chosen as the “Power Pick of the Month” by Dr. Bobby Jones. The Showers have created a path for their music and tailor made message and are showcasing their growth and potential on their self-titled sophomore album that features the Top-15 hit single “Better” featuring Canton Jones.


Penned by Deon Kipping, “Better” is a contemporary Christian inspired sound with a message of hope, redemption, and faith. The Showers believe that “Better” is a song that can reach everyone in any area of their life.  “Better” is a transformative song that will touch the hearts of listeners and challenge them to move closer to God. With an up-tempo groove and infectious melody, “Immediately” is another standout on the album.


“Immediately” features the only male voice in the group, Titus, who wonderfully delivers the poignant message of the song.  Group member Regina Showers describes “Immediately” this way: “ points to the timing of God when one is in the right place at the right time and is ready to receive God’s blessings”.  With its infectious beat and energetic pulse, “Immediately”


is a song that can appeal to an array of listeners. “Jesus Died for Me” is a classic Gospel song with its heavy base line and powerhouse lead vocals. It will instantly capture the listener and move them to rock side to side and nod their head. “Fighter” is an up-tempo hard hitting contemporary track that gives the listener looking for that high energy cut while in their car or on the go exactly what they’re looking for.  Produced by Myron Butler, “Praise” highlights the powerful sopranos of lead vocalists Regina Showers-Gordon and Tabitha Showers-Tillis and is another up-tempo song that showcases the solid vocal harmony of this family group.   The Showers offer a wonderful array of music and the folk infused sound of “Outpour” is evident of this.  The simplistic musical elements are perfectly matched with their earnest vocal efforts, making this ballad a must hear.


The Showers have a rich history of music and ministry that has attributed to their fervor and commitment to Gospel music. Children of pastors, The Showers were surrounded by a host of singers and musicians, and were heavily involved in church ministry growing up. The patriarch of The Showers family is credited with praying that his children would be gifted with the ministry of song and that gift was cultivated because The Showers spent many of their formative years traveling with their father, who preached across the nation. Their parents understood the importance of cultivation and legacy and imparted this to their children.  The Showers used the experience with serving during their childhood and committed their lives to also serving in their local community. Comprised of mentors, entrepreneurs, and social services professionals by trade, The Showers have clearly embraced the great commission. They are not only singing about God and His mission, they are living it out.


The Showers are positioned to continue the resonant mission of family Gospel singing groups and provide a relevant sound, potent message, and exemplary lifestyle that echo what they minister about. It is paramount for this group of young people to live what they sing about. Their hope is that they will spark a revolution among people that will draw audiences closer to God. With musical influences like The Winans, The Clark Sisters, Paul Porter, The Hawkins Family, and John P. Kee, The Showers have aimed to stay true to the core Gospel message while fearlessly being willing to use contemporary musical elements and styles to create music that can be enjoyed by the young and old. The Showers will prove to be a welcomed addition to the Gospel music industry. Their self titled sophomore album displays their musical and spiritual growth as a group and as individuals. The Showers represent a new generation of trailblazers with a fresh approach to the Gospel music genre.



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