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Norman Hutchins

Singer, Writer & Producer


Norman Hutchins is among those that not only share their talent, but also realize his

God-given purpose in using those talents to bless, encourage, inspire and minister to countless, hungry souls.


Hutchins in no uncertain terms, is more than an award winning gospel artist. A masterful writer and producer, he’s scored some of traditional gospel’s more noted albums over the years, including Spontaneous Praise: Volume One, Battlefield, God’s Gotta Blessing (With My Name On It!) and Jesus I Love You, earning nominations from the Stellar, Grammy and Dove Award academy’s in the process. Not to mention, he is a community leader, Pastor and successful entrepreneur. Thirty years after receiving his Doctorate in Church Administration, Norman continues to share his vision and anointing as he meets the countless demands of preaching, teaching and singing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.


While serving as Executive Minister of Music for the presiding Bishop of the Churches of God in Christ as well as serving as the Director of Social Services at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, Norman learned some very valuable lessons that would prove to be invaluable down the road. Having survived a bout with blindness and other notable setbacks in recent memory, Hutchins faith is imaginably stronger than ever on “If You Didn‘t Know, Now You Know,” his seventh solo album. The process therein, was unsurprisingly born from circumstance, but not all his own.


Overall, the theme of “trusting God” rings true, as the results of “If You Didn‘t Know, Now You Know,” were derived from a two to three month period where Hutchins led praise and worship in the church. “While we were singing God dropped these lyrics in the atmosphere and I would look at the keyboard player and tell him to follow me.” Encouraged by where the process would take him, Hutchins continued the course and ultimately manufactured what will easily be deemed one of his most brilliant works to date.


If Hutchins ever sounds like he’s preaching, it’s probably because he is…especially through song. Called to the ministry at the tender age of eight an ordained minister by the time he was twelve, Norman Hutchins was born to preach. Not the other way around. “My music is my gift, but preaching is my calling,” Hutchins says. “I’ve been called to preach, so music has become sort of a back door approach to present the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


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